Unusual Hardware

     In 1989, an Illinois based company called Safe Care Products created the Homework First Lock; a combination lock designed to help regulate unauthorized Nintendo usage. In fact, the idea for the product came about when Safe Care president, Tom Lowe, heard that a friend's son "stayed up all night playing Nintendo instead of studying for his finals." This device was never licensed by Nintendo, however Lowe managed to sell a few thousand of these units by phone and toy stores, with the help of endorsements from The Council for Children's Television and Media.

The Homework First Lock basically functioned as a "The Club", previously seen on cars to prevent theft. (pictured below)

Here's how it works:
Homework First Lock schematic

Installing the Lock:

Video games are causing much concern for parents and educators!  Parents, go buy a lock to put on your child's gaming system, they'll never find a way around it!  Punish them the right way using the patented Homework First Lock!


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